TDABC in Health Care Management – Masterclass

Objective: to explain why Time-driven Activity-based Costing is being used to evaluate costs in health care in organizations that are following the Value Agenda.


Target audience: health care operational and financial executives, consultants, researchers and professors. The Masterclass will explore the use of the TDABC from the perspective of payors, hospitals and industries.  


When and where: March 17, 2 pm – 4pm (GMT-3), online by Zoom.


Investment: € 50,00 + taxes


Idiom: The masterclass will be offered in English*.

If you are a Portuguese or Spanish speaker, we will be happy in answer your questions in your native idiom.


Class dynamic: The class will cross expositive and case learning methods, which makes the previous reading a requirement to participate. At the final 30 minutes, Prof. Ana Etges will answer specific questions from the participants.

Offering: This Masterclass is being offered by the Way2Value in collaboration to the TDABC in Healthcare Consortium. Please, if you have additional questions, write to or



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The articles will be shared previously with all the participants followed by a list of questions that will be explored during the class.