The TDABC in Healthcare Consortium is a collaborative group of researchers and institutions dedicated to improving the quality of projects that apply Time-driven Activity-based Costing (TDABC) method in healthcare and to sharing methodological advances for TDABC around the globe, to promote value-based healthcare (VBHC) .

The Consortium was inspired by the Founders Members when they were developing a TDABC Framework Checklist to support the development and report of TDABC studies in health care. By the development of this checklist, a group of active TDABC researchers was contacted and formed the first members of the TDABC in Health Care Consortium.


The TDABC in Healthcare Consortium was created by researchers from:


                                                     Health Institute for Technology Assessment (IATS/CNPq)

Center for Perioperative Research Brigham and Women's Hospital/Harvard Medical School



  • To create a community of researchers who are promoting a more effective healthcare system;

  • To share methodological advances to improve the quality of TDABC studies in healthcare;

  • To contribute to the health systems migrations from volume to value;

  • To be a high-level scientific repository of emerging TDABC studies;

  • To inspire researchers and administrators to make health care costs transparent;

  • To provide scientific education for TDABC and VBHC researchers around the globe.


If your research interests includes TDABC or VBHC, subscribe to be a MEMBER!

As a member, additionally to being connected with the TDABC in Healthare Network, you will have the opportunity to share information about your projects, articles of interest, and innovative solutions with other members of the Consortium.

The Consortium will sponsor periodic seminars and virtual and in-person meetings to connect its members to discuss current advances on TDABC and VBHC.

Membership and participation are completely free.

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